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The Elements

I’ve spent my life in devotion to the Elements. Both how they present in the external world, and within us as beings of nature.

I take great joy in strengthening the relationship people have within themselves and the world we walk upon. From the celestial bodies above us, the recorded energies around us, and our biological processes.

I prefer to focus on tangible connection that everybody can relate to regardless of personal faith.



My Elemental Practice

I’m a great advocate of intuitive practice, most of my devotional practices were developed as a child simply doing what felt right and resonated back to me. Giving myself the freedom of flexibility to learn how better to build my relationship with the world I that birthed me. In adulthood I’ve attended (and continue to attend) many far more in-depth and complex journeys to strengthen my relationship with the Elements, which has brought a sense of fulfilment and excitement that I am passionate to share. I live in a continual conversation with the Elements around me and energy I perceive from it. They will talk back freely when given the space to be heard.

I dedicate each day of the week to a different focus.

Monday to Friday I celebrate a different Element each day.

The weekend I honour my heart and then spend a day in both past and future reflection.

Keeping this active relationship feels vital for me as a space holder, but takes no effort or pressure.

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