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Cacao is a plant medicine that I cannot talk highly enough.

From her emotional healing, creative inspiration, and deep grounding. I have found Cacao an invaluable plant ally, and could not feel more honoured to share her with others.

Scroll to read further on my connection with this ancient medicine, and the training I have completed to bring her into my spaces.



Cacao Facilitator Initiation

After a long time of having a personal relationship with Cacao, I felt called to bring her into my spaces. I have no ancestral cultural link to Mama Cacao, and this is something that I am constantly mindful of. There has long been abuse of her within the western world, and not adding to that was at the forefront of my heart and mind. I only use ceremonial grade cacao that I know the source of, and I always take time to acknowledge the many caring hands she has passed through before me. She is an incredibly beautiful and often underestimated medicine. As someone who battled with much detachment from my emotions, her healing was obvious to me from the countless times I’d cry while taking her in. Not in distress, but in a soothing nourishing way that still now continues to strengthen and support me.
I had the honour of training under Luzura of Sacbe Cacao and Skye of Alchemy cacao with a group of fellow initiates and came away a far more vibrant practitioner than I entered. On the final day of my training I was given my initiate tattoo of a dagger by Luzura featuring a cacao pod with symbolism of the elements, which I carry with great gratitude, pride, and love.

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