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About Liulfr

A quick run down of the practitioner and Shaman who brought Feral Gaze from a thought to a space.

Elemental Practice

From childhood I was drawn to nature in a spiritual way. I had a lot of curiosity in the various faiths of the world, but each time it came back to the leaves, moss, and sea. I spent much of my youth wandering the woodlands, reservoir, and hills by my home. Touching the trees, feeling what I could sense. As an adult not much has changed. Being in Water, dancing with Fire, flowing with Air, sinking into Earth, and exploring Æther are my favourite activities. My devotional practice is no pressure for me, it’s my natural lifestyle.


Shamanic Practice

For many years I rejected embracing myself as Shaman. It’s a title I have a lot of respect for, and deciding to claim it for myself was something I felt unworthy of. It’s also a title rife with misuse that I loathed even slightly adding to.  The deeper my daily practice went, and the more the title was used for me by others that I respect, the ice I felt around it eventually thawed. My ancestors had been pushing me in the direction of acceptance during connection meditations, and feeling their pride and happiness is an honour.

We sadly lost many of our traditional Shamanic practitioners in Scotland, and keeping these Old Ways going is also a great honour.

Personal history

Despite having a lifelong practice, there was a period where connection was incredibly difficult for me. After the death of my son at the hands of medical negligence I fell out of love with the planet I inhabited, and all of it’s energies. I felt as if I was a failed healer for not being able to intercept and fix the damage caused by others. I felt betrayed that this could have happened within my family while living with devotion. I still had a daily practice but my focuses became darker and more vengeful. I had a long path within a significant 5 year cycle which brought me to every and all ends of myself. My personal faith deepened and Old Ones visited me to push me back onto my path. I have taken value for myself through this awful event, and it is this value that I develop to provide to others. 


Elder preparation 

The knowledge that I am mortal and will continue aging until I eventually die is not something I shy away from. If anything, it excites me! We are all future ancestors, and being conscious of this can be incredibly empowering. I feel successful by causing sparks within others.  We are borrowing what we are made of from the land, examples of the Earth taking form and we will return to it. I embrace the reality of my aging, I consider how I approach each season of my life, and I take pride in preparing myself to be a supportive and wise elder. 

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