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Connecting to the medicine of Cacao

Information on upcoming events, workshops, and spaces.

Grounding and revitalising through the Elements both within and around us.

The Feral Gaze Story

Feral Gaze was birthed from a desire to provide queer inclusive ceremony and journey spaces with a genuine feeling of warmth and safety.

Being queer and trans owned, this is something woven into every aspect of it.

You are welcome to arrive however you are.
No matter your gender, sexuality, or the path that you’re on to discover these truths about yourself.

Your journey is respected and there is place for you.

These are spaces that will lead you to connect to your birthright of serenity and healing. Uncovering and strengthening your own inner medicine.

You are enough.

You are your own medicine.



Owner & Space Holder

Compassion. Dedication. Devotion.

Liulfr is a 4th generation witch who has been an elemental practitioner for most of it’s life and walks the path of shaman inspired be his Celtic and Norse ancestry. With a daily devotional practice of strengthening his connection to the elements; both externally in the world around it, and internally within himself. It has a passion to help bring these strengths to others. Born with a natural curiosity to explore the cultural and scientific history of magic and plant medicines, he doesn’t see this science and logic based study as something that disproves magic, but rather supports it in an attainable way.

Liulfr believes each person has a connection to these Old Ways simply waiting to be rediscovered.


"The shaman is not merely a sick man, or a madman; he is a sick man who has healed himself"

Terence Mckenna


Feral Gaze’s Oath

My dedication to you

Feral Gaze is dedicated to offering a safe and compassionate space regardless of gender or sexuality.

There will be no assumption of identity within it’s spaces.

Nor will the identity you arrive as be set in stone, fluidity and changes will be respected and honoured.

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